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Sevelamer carbonate 800 mg film-coated tablet


Sevelagen is used to control phosphorus levels in adults and children 6 years of age and older with chronic kidney disease (CKD) on dialysis and predialysis.

  • Do not use in patients with history of bowel disease
  • Informing doctor in patients in difficulties in swallowing or having constipation
  • Take Sevelagen with meal
  • Contact doctor in the case of severe abdominal pain, worsening constipation and severe GI symptoms

Sevelagen is a type of medicine known as a phosphate binder. It should be taken three times a day with meals to help control phosphorus levels in your body. sevelamer carbonate binds to phosphorus in the foods and it limits absorption of phosphorus in the instestine and carries the phosphorus through digestive tract and out of your body. sevelamer does not contain calcium or metal and is not absorbed.

  • Sevelagen® should be taken:
    • 3 times per day with meals
    • As directed by your doctor