2 new studies support benefits of EstroG-100 in the menopause category

Helios CORP and their partner, Sunbio, release two new studies that support the expanded benefits of EstroG-100 in managing some symptoms associated with menopause.

Helios CORP and their partner, Sunbio, completed two new support studies in December 2011, where they showed the expanded benefits of EstroG-100 in managing a broader array of symptoms associated with menopause. Currently EstroG-100 maintains a 12 month Phase I human clinical study, a 4 month, USA based, Phase II human clinical study, 5 toxicity studies, 2 cancer risk studies, 2 liver protective studies, and 2 non-estrogenicity studies.
The first support study evaluated one group of women over the course of 4 weeks, looking at the speed of action within 7 days and 28 days. The group consisted of 20 women consuming 517 mgs of  EstroG-100 over 4 weeks. Within 7 days 50% of the women confirmed significant improvement in multiple symptoms such as Hot Flashes, Vaginal Dryness, Vertigo, Fatigue and Insomnia. 80% of the women showed improvement in these multiple symptoms at 4 weeks of consumption with EstroG-100.
The second study was conducted over a period of 6 weeks with 30 women divided into three groups and consuming 517 mg per day of EstroG-100. GROUP #1: EstroG-100, GROUP#2: A popular facial cosmetic, GROUP#3: Both the EstroG-100 and the cosmetic product. Each group was evaluated for skin wrinkles, moisture, tone and blushing. Average improvement of all four categories was 50% greater than baseline in GROUP #3.