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Based on our Patient-Centric policy, In Behestan Pharmed, we are trying to consider patient input in our decision-making processes. Previously the focus was disease-centric approach in most of the pharmaceutical companies but by considering the goal of therapy and importance of quality of life and patients, we have decided to align our policies with patient-centric approach.

To implement our patient-centric policy, we are trying to have focus on below areas:


Involvement, is creating mechanisms to gather real patient and professional’s experiences. Patients reported points are important endpoints in evaluating the quality of products. Their experiences can improve our approach in pricing and introducing the generics of available medications for our market. We are setting approaches to have patient’s perspectives in our making decision in product selection, marketing and market access committees.


Implementing is applying patient and caregiver experiences into internal programs to have better outcomes. We are programming to have mechanism based on IT infrastructure to gather updated data from our patients for our day-to day operations and used across the different groups of our company to have high-quality, affordable and accessible products for our patients. We are trying to have seats for our patients and disease specific societies experts to ensure that patients role is considered in decision makings.


Trust is the core of the patient-centric policy and the primary step in engaging patients at the center of health care program is trust. By giving explanations for our goals and strategies to patients, and increasing transparency of our activities, we are trying to improve our reputation. The relationships between patients, our company, and health care professionals are essential to building this trust: trust in doctors, medicine and data.